Delivering durable thermal shipping solutions with tailored refurbishment and return programs.

CCT is committed to reducing the cold chain’s negative impact on the environment and helping the life sciences industry achieve a reduction in CO2 emissions, landfill waste, and more.  

CCT offers a wide range of high-performing reusable parcel and pallet shippers that come in various sizes, durations, and temperature profiles. We also understand that using a reusable shipper goes beyond a product and is a “service.” As a result, CCT has built an infrastructure to suit your needs. While you order the shipper, we take care of the return logistics and refurbishment so that you have complete assurance of its performance and quality while not having to worry about the logistics.

Learn about how CCT’s tailored reusable thermal packaging solutions with refurbishment and return programs can provide you with complete cold chain assurance while also helping you reach your sustainability goals.   

CCT’s Pallet Shipper Solutions

KoolTemp EndeavAir 1600L

The True Replacement for Active Solutions at a Fraction of the Cost!

GTS Evolution 1400L Durable

The Industry’s Most Economical Trip Lease Option

KoolTemp® GTS Enshield Pallet Cover System

Ideal for 40″ x 48″ x 50″ Pre-Palletized Loads

GTS Evolution 1400L

Clinical, High Value Commercial and R&D Shipments

GTS Evolution 225L & 500L

Clinical, High Value Commercial, and R&D Shipments

GTS Controlled Ambient
Pallet Solutions

Clinical, High Value Commercial, and R&D Shipments

Featured Reusables

CCT EcoFlex™

KoolTemp® GTS
Evolution Family




Already back… pick up went great! PCM and bricks are pre-conditioning as we speak which will help us to meet our customer’s immediate need.
From the wonderful woman in HR who came out of her meeting at 0830 when she saw me in the vestibule to let me in… took down all my info and assured of a call… to that call from Jocelyn who, in fact, did call (a rarity nowadays) and guided me through the process… to Melanie who fast-tracked our account setup and order… to the logistics folks in warehouse and shipping/receiving who fast-tracked this and made it happen. This was a small order to cold chain that weighed in big with us.
We appreciate every one of you and thank you all for making this happen!

Distribution Company


CCT’s Reusable Program Dashboard service goes beyond just offering a robust thermal packaging solution. It encompasses a reliable infrastructure, solid process, and...
The life science industry has traditionally relied on single use expanded polystyrene (EPS) / polyurethane foam (PUR) coolers to securely transport vaccines,...
Learn how thermal cargo blankets help protect your cold chain products.

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