Providing complete cold chain assurance.

Our advanced and innovative cold chain packaging solutions ensure product safety and integrity for the global life sciences industry. CCT is a leading provider of cold chain packaging solutions for the life sciences industry and offers one of the broadest range of sustainable, single use parcel, reusable parcel, pallet and thermal covers portfolio.

Learn more about how CCT’s tailored thermal packaging solutions can provide you with complete cold chain assurance. 

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We were faced with unexpected and unprecedented volumes of orders. These orders had to be shipped directly to health care facilities all over the country for hospitalized patients with very severe COVID. This did not end up being an event for a few days but rather for many weeks. I wish I could quantify how many patients ultimately will see their next birthday, their kids grow up, their future grandchildren, because of… the support your teams provided. I am sure your manufacturing, planning, and materials management teams were working crazy hours as our team did – but I do know the work is important work and we made a difference for thousands of patients. Please share our appreciation!
Biotechnology Company

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