Delivering temperature-sensitive products without damage or loss of efficacy.

CCT offers a wide range of bulk / pallet shipment solutions to suit your specific needs. Our range of pallet solutions come in various sizes, temperature profiles, durations, and have been tested against many of the industry’s well-accepted standards while using different insulation and refrigerant combinations.  These pallet solutions can be single use and reusable.

So, whether you need a thermal cover for an extra layer of added protection, a thermal blanket with PCM, a single use or a reusable passive shipper, we have all the bases covered.

Learn more about how CCT’s tailored pallet solutions can provide you with complete cold chain assurance.

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KoolTemp® GTS
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KoolTemp® GTS
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I wanted to send you a note after our QBR with leadership this morning. You were specifically highlighted, and they sang your praises for all the support you have provided. Our partnership has been a long time coming and things are really starting to pick up steam (I have already been emailed two new opportunities to follow up on since this morning’s QBR).

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