Specialized cold chain solutions for cell and gene therapies.

Cell and gene therapies are fast emerging to help cure patients from life threatening diseases. These new therapies are extremely fragile and require special handling during collection, transport, and administration. This goes beyond just managing the cold chain, but truly being able to deliver end-to-end assurance for the caregivers. At CCT, we take this seriously.

We know what it takes to bring autologous and allogenic cell and gene therapies from the laboratory to the clinical trial stage and finally to market. Our people have the expertise, capabilities, and technology to solve your cold chain challenges, including:

  • Time & therapy longevity constraints
  • Temperature excursions & management
  • Human error & risk
  • Cold chain logistics & distribution
  • Inventory management & delivery strategies
  • End-to-end visibility & traceability
  • Regulations & standards compliance  

Take control of your cell and gene therapy cold chain management needs with CCT’s solutions and services which were designed specifically for the demands of these critical therapies.  


Smart Solutions™

Case Study: Elevating
Clinical Trials Success


Smarter real-world cell therapy cold chain solutions for total peace of mind and backed by 50+ years of cold chain expertise and leadership.

Expert Design

Our engineers, designers, and QA  specialists think outside the box about thermodynamics, materials sciences, and cold chain logistics. 


We pre-qualify every single product we design and manufacture to guarantee that your solution fits your specific temperature ranges.  

Cost Saving

Our cost-effective thermal packaging solutions are designed to give you repeatable and reliable cost-savings.  


Cold Chain Best Practices

Cold Chain
Best Practices / Consulting

Technical and quality assessment of your temperature sensitive distribution process. 
Digital Services


Trust us to do our best for you so you can focus on doing your best for your customers. 
Thermal Services


Smart and efficient thermal packaging solutions specific to your unique challenges. 

We were faced with unexpected and unprecedented volumes of orders. These orders had to be shipped directly to health care facilities all over the country for hospitalized patients with very severe COVID. This did not end up being an event for a few days but rather for many weeks. I wish I could quantify how many patients ultimately will see their next birthday, their kids grow up, their future grandchildren, because of… the support your teams provided. I am sure your manufacturing, planning, and materials management teams were working crazy hours as our team did – but I do know the work is important work and we made a difference for thousands of patients.

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Learn why we are the number one choice of cell and gene therapy researchers and experts worldwide. For us, it’s about more than packaging. It’s about patient safety, product quality, and guaranteeing you can stand behind your life-changing therapies. We have the people, processes, technology, and expertise to give you sustainable and proven thermal packaging solutions.

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