Customized thermal shipping solutions for life science logistics providers.

People rely on you to deliver their life-saving medications, regardless of the cold chain supply logistics. Whether you’re shipping by air, sea, or land – it is not easy to get temperature-sensitive cargo from origin to destination.

At CCT, we take pride in being the preferred thermal packaging partner of choice for life science logistics providers. Our people care about solving your challenges and making it easier for you to do your best for your customers, while ensuring reliability, compliance, costs, and sustainability. We want to make your job easier for you. Our solutions are designed to help you overcome the realities of cold supply chain logistics. 

From our broad portfolio of parcel and pallet shippers through to our thermal covers and digital monitoring services – we give you the thermal packaging, tools, and innovation to keep your products safe.  

Products & Solutions

Rental & On Demand

Sustainable & Reusable



Smarter real-world cold chain solutions for total peace of mind backed by 50+ years of cold chain expertise and leadership.  

Expert Design

Our engineers, designers, and QA  specialists think outside the box about thermodynamics, materials sciences, and cold chain logistics. 


We pre-qualify every single product we design and manufacture to guarantee that your solution fits your specific temperature ranges.  

Cost Saving

Our cost-effective thermal packaging solutions are designed to give you repeatable and reliable cost-savings.  


Cold Chain Best Practices

Cold Chain
Best Practices / Consulting

Technical and quality assessment of your temperature sensitive distribution process. 
Digital Services


Trust us to do our best for you so you can focus on doing your best for your customers. 
Thermal Services


Smart and efficient thermal packaging solutions specific to your unique challenges. 
As my company gains additional clients requiring cold chain logistics, I will be using CCT instead of (your competition) because of the better customer service that I have experienced in the past and currently.
Pharmaceutical Company

Get to know us!

Get to know our people and our products. Learn why we are the number one choice of logistics providers worldwide. For us, it’s about more than packaging. It’s about customer safety, product quality and guaranteeing you can stand behind your promises. We have the people, processes, technology, and expertise to give you sustainable and proven thermal packaging solutions.  

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