Solving the unique challenges facing the clinical trials cold chain with optimized thermal solutions.

Clinical trial success depends on having a reliable and repeatable clinical trials cold chain. This demands having the right technology, processes, and people to ensure product safety, delivery, and quality.  

We know how important temperature, compliance, regulations, standards, and real-time monitoring matters to you, your products, and the people who need them, as it helps in development of new drugs and therapies to help save lives. Know that we have your back. Know your clinical trial cold chain is using best-in-class solutions. Know you are making a difference.  

Be confident your sensitive materials are protected, secure, and shipment-ready with our broad portfolio of parcel and pallet shippers through to our thermal covers and digital monitoring services – we give you the thermal packaging, tools, and innovations to keep your products and patients safe.  

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Intelligent real-world cold chain solutions for total peace of mind backed by 50+ years of cold chain expertise and leadership.  

Expert Design

Our engineers, designers, and QA  specialists think outside the box about thermodynamics, materials sciences, and cold chain logistics. 


We pre-qualify every single product we design and manufacture to guarantee that your solution fits your specific temperature ranges.  

Cost Saving

Our cost-effective thermal packaging solutions are designed to give you repeatable and reliable cost-savings.  


Cold Chain Best Practices

Cold Chain
Best Practices / Consulting

Technical and quality assessment of your temperature sensitive distribution process. 
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Trust us to do our best for you so you can focus on doing your best for your customers. 
Thermal Services


Smart and efficient thermal packaging solutions specific to your unique challenges. 

Two things went very well with the past order. The first is how quickly the order shipped. Given that I had never ordered so many GTS-171 shippers at one time (96). I was concerned that it would take a couple of weeks to get the order in. Instead it was in our doors within six days after the order was placed. Very helpful to ensure that we did not run out! It was one of those times where we used them at a much higher rate than usual.

The second positive review is from our warehouse group, who noted that the shippers were in pristine condition when they arrived today. They were clean, packed well, and not a scratch on them. Thank you!

Pharmaceutical Company

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Learn why we are the number one choice for clinical trials. For us, it’s about more than packaging. It’s about customer safety, product quality, and guaranteeing you can stand behind your products. We have the people, processes, technology, and expertise to give you sustainable and proven thermal packaging solutions. 

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