Minimal environmental impact & footprint including
100% curbside recyclable and repulpable solutions.

CCT is committed to reducing the cold chain’s negative impact on the environment and helping the life science industry achieve a reduction in CO2 emissions, landfill waste, and more. 

Ecovadis Medal CCT SilverThe CCT Naturals product line is OCC-E certified to confirm repulpability and recyclability. This ensures our products can be given a second life and reintroduced to the supply chain. Compared to other insulation materials, CCT's cellulose-based insulation scores higher when comparing origin and end-of-life and hence, is one of the best “eco-friendly” insulation materials. CCT Naturals were found to decrease the overall environmental impact by 80% when compared to an EPS cooler of similar size and weight. 

Explore the CCT Naturals product line below (this range will continue to expand) and learn more about how CCT’s tailored single use sustainable thermal packaging solutions can provide you with complete cold chain assurance while also helping you reach your sustainability goals.

CCT Naturals:



CCT’s Pallet Shipper Solutions

KoolTemp EndeavAir 1600L

The True Replacement for Active Solutions at a Fraction of the Cost!

GTS Evolution 1400L Durable

The Industry’s Most Economical Trip Lease Option

KoolTemp® GTS Enshield Pallet Cover System

Ideal for 40″ x 48″ x 50″ Pre-Palletized Loads

GTS Evolution 1400L

Clinical, High Value Commercial and R&D Shipments

GTS Evolution 225L & 500L

Clinical, High Value Commercial, and R&D Shipments

GTS Controlled Ambient
Pallet Solutions

Clinical, High Value Commercial, and R&D Shipments

I have to say that you, your team, and your organization are absolutely one of the best companies that I have ever dealt with. Your response time and level of detail is something that you should be extremely proud of. Thank you.

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Why is using a URAC compliant shipping solution important for specialty pharmacies and temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals? Packaging, shipping, and distributing...
Learn the facts on sustainable eco-friendly cold chain packaging
It’s time to upgrade your cold chain to one that is responsive, agile, and sustainable

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