Cold Chain Technologies and Topa Thermal Debut KoolTemp® GTS Instant

January 26, 2015

KoolTemp-GTS-Instant-e1422290505532HOLLISTON, Mass., Jan. 26, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Cold Chain Technologies (CCT) and Topa Thermal Packaging are pleased to introduce KoolTemp® GTS Instant, an innovative pre-qualified temperature control shipping system driven by NanoCool® “push-button” technology, to maintain refrigerated temperatures for durations up to 96 hours, with no preconditioning of materials needed.  A first look at GTS Instant will take place January 27-28 in Frankfurt Germany at the 14th Annual Cool Chain Temperature Controlled Logistics Europe Conference at exhibit booth 29.

An expansion of the well-known GTS thermal packaging line of products, GTS Instant’s evaporative cooling is seven times more powerful than gel packs or ice and works by transferring internal heat to the outside through evaporation of a small amount of water stored at low pressure inside the package. The addition of this technology offers significant advantages in reduced size, weight and cost, and can provide the perfect answer to clinical, pharmaceutical and diagnostic specimen distribution and recovery.

With the KoolTemp® GTS Instant available through both Cold Chain Technologies and Topa Thermal Packaging, customers will be provided with the same global supply capabilities which they are used to with the existing KoolTemp® family of products.

“Our clients demand the highest performing thermal packaging solutions that are both easy to use and cost-effective.  This new product line and strategic global partnership further demonstrate our continued commitment to implementing innovative products that better help our clients in a strict regulatory landscape,” states Jamie Chasteen, Senior Product Manager of Cold Chain Technologies.

“There are many scenarios where pre-conditioning of refrigerants is difficult.  The KoolTemp GTS Instant allows for ambient storage and push-button cooling providing an elegantly simple solution to a complex problem.”

Hein Stevens, CEO, Topa Thermal Packaging comments: “As a supplier to the healthcare products industry, it is important that we constantly look for ways to improve product and ultimately patient safety, with packaging solutions that offer high performance and ease of use”.

“The addition of NanoCool® technology within our packaging range ensures we continue to be leading providers of innovative packaging solutions and our new KoolTemp® GTS Instant line perfectly achieves our goal of Keeping Safe Simple.”

About Cold Chain Technologies and Topa Thermal Packaging

Cold Chain Technologies and Topa Thermal Packaging are trusted worldwide ISO 9001:2008 registered thermal packaging manufacturers with over 45 years of experience in ensuring the safe distribution of medicines, vaccines, and other life-saving healthcare products for the pharmaceutical, clinical, biotech, and medical industries.