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for the Life Sciences

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At CCT, we focus on understanding the unique challenges experienced by each of the segments we serve. Our extensive thermal packaging background enables us to provide problem-solving solutions and services to the life sciences industry worldwide. 

Life Science Manufacturers

Life Science Manufacturers

Fully qualified thermal packaging to withstand multiple scenarios.
Life Science Distributors@300x

Life Science Distributors

Freight and cost saving solutions to meet regulation challenges.
Logistics Providers

Logistics Providers

Meet client demands with the help of our engineers and specialists.
Clinical Trials

Clinical Trials

Temperature sensitive packaging that will maintain tight parameters.


Maintaining necessary temperatures to ensure accurate results.
Specialty Pharmacies

Specialty Pharmacies

Reduce labor and shipping costs to maintain product integrity.
Cell & Gene Therapy

Cell & Gene Therapy

Thermal packaging designed for rigorous temperature requirements.

Airlines & Forwarders

Maintain thermal requirements throughout the cold chain journey.

Products & Solutions

We provide performance driven thermal packaging.

You can trust CCT to help you ensure the value and integrity of your life science products throughout their journey.

Rental & On Demand

Sustainable & Reusable


Solving Cold Chain Challenges to Protect Lives


CCT Acquires Exeltainer, Expanding Its Presence in Europe & Latin America

CCT announced it has acquired Exeltainer, a global provider of life sciences thermal packaging solutions with manufacturing hubs in Spain and Brazil. 

Our Results

Our customers experience incredible results with our thermal packaging solutions and services.

Updated March 2024


Shipped Over 8 Million Reusable & Sustainable


Avoided Over 73.2 Million Pounds of Landfill


Distributed Over 500 Million COVID-19 Vaccine


Our team understands the logistical challenges your life science products will face during the cold chain journey. We partner with you to ensure your expectations are met.

Cold Chain Best Practices/Consulting

Cold Chain Best
Practices / Consulting

Technical and quality assessment of your temperature sensitive distribution process. 
Digital Services


Trust us to do our best for you so you can focus on doing your best for your customers. 
Thermal Engineering Services


Smart and efficient thermal packaging solutions specific to your unique challenges. 
We were faced with unexpected and unprecedented volumes of orders. These orders had to be shipped directly to health care facilities all over the country for hospitalized patients with very severe COVID. This did not end up being an event for a few days but rather for many weeks. I wish I could quantify how many patients ultimately will see their next birthday, their kids grow up, their future grandchildren, because of… the support your teams provided. I am sure your manufacturing, planning, and materials management teams were working crazy hours as our team did – but I do know the work is important work and we made a difference for thousands of patients. Please share our appreciation!
- Biotechnology Company

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