Providing environmentally responsible thermal packaging solutions for the life sciences industry.
As the global leader in reusable and single-use sustainable thermal packaging shippers for the life sciences industry, we are committed to the safe transport of life-saving medications and environmental leadership. As part of our 3-year Strategic Plan, we have embarked on a major sustainability journey to:
  • Positively impact the health of our communities and our planet through the safe and sustainable transport of medications.
  • Generate social and environmental change to benefit the planet, our partners, and global health.
  • Reduce 100M pounds of landfill waste by 2025.
  • Decarbonize our products and services based on the circular economy.

CCT’s Landfill Avoidance Tracker

CCT, through its extensive single use sustainable and reusable parcel offerings, can reduce the negative impact on the environment and help its customers achieve a reduction in CO2 emissions, landfill avoidance, etc. At CCT, we take this commitment seriously. 

Broad Portfolio of Solutions

CCT has significantly invested in creating and commercializing a reusable portfolio of passive parcel and pallet shippers. The CCT EcoFlexTM (parcel shipper) was released in 2019 and the CCT EndeavAirTM (pallet shipper) in 2021.

Reusable products offer significant opportunities to improve the environment and a third-party verified ISO-compliant LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) study was undertaken by CCT. The CCT EcoFlex reusable parcel shipper, provided significant environmental benefits compared to the EPS (expandable polystyrene) single use, for the two indicators of interest:

1. 60% reduction in fossil fuel use
2. 48% reduction in GHG (greenhouse gas) emissions

These also offer customers the opportunity of using higher performing solutions at lower per-use costs.

In 2020, CCT took over the global distribution of DuPont’s Tyvek cargo covers (rebranded as CCT Thermal Covers, powered by Tyvek) for thermal protection of life science medications. Beyond offering one of the best thermal protection in their category, these covers are also 100% recyclable, given a second life in products such as park benches and playground equipment.

While most of the shippers in the thermal packaging space are made from EPS, PUR (polyurethane) and VIPs (vacuum insulation panels), CCT is committed to identifying materials that are “greener.” As a result, CCT undertook various NPI (New Product Introduction) programs and launched a sustainable fiber shipper in 2021.

Along this journey, CCT evaluated and completed the acquisition of Packaging Technology Group (PTG) which successfully developed and commercialized a certified 100% Curbside recyclable and repulpable parcel shipper.

  • This shipper uses a proprietary manufacturing process that ensures consistency of performance vis-à-vis other alternatives, such as EPS.
  • A study showed CCT’s sustainable shippers provide an 80% decrease in overall environmental impact compared to a standard cold-chain industry shipper.
  • The Western Michigan University (WMU) Recycling, Paper, and Coating Pilot Plant provided an OCC-E (old corrugated containers) certification to CCT, signifying its entire sustainable shipper can safely and efficiently enter the recycling stream and be repulped.
  • CCT is now expanding the use of this shipper for many other sizes, durations, and temperature profiles to give its customers numerous options to meet their shipping requirements in a 100% curbside recyclable option.

Sourcing & Manufacturing Process

CCT continuously engages its suppliers to ensure the sourcing of “greener” materials. The origin and manufacturability of these products are key criteria that we use to select and work with suppliers. Along with this we are taking various initiatives in our facilities to implement greener initiatives.

Tools To Measure & Track Progress

CCT uses multiple tools to better understand the sustainability of present and future products. First, a scoring system developed internally aids in preliminary material choice to align with CCT’s sustainability goals. Second, an LCA screening tool allows the comparison of multiple products in terms of their respective environmental impacts.

Eco-Calculator: CCT has invested in growing its digital capabilities with the purpose of sharing more information with its customers to help them make intelligent decisions and monitor the performance of their sustainability initiatives. To this effect, CCT is offering an “Eco-Calculator” to demonstrate the landfill waste avoidance that a customer could achieve while using one of CCT’s single use sustainable or reusable shipping solutions.

Insights to help objectively optimize choices: Beyond the calculator, CCT will be leveraging a lot of data gathered from shipping its solutions globally to work with its customers to select or modify solutions that can help achieve the right balance between performance, cost, and sustainability.

Engaging CCT Teams & Stakeholders

To ensure meaningful progress on these initiatives and embedding it in the DNA of the company, CCT has implemented the following initiatives:

  1. 1. Developed content to train and educate CCT team members on Sustainability 101 in 2021.  Foundations of Sustainability training happened in summer of 2022 with various refreshers post that.Ecovadis Medal CCT Silver
  2. 2. Established a sustainability committee which meets bi-weekly, that includes members of the executive team, to oversee company-wide initiatives.
  3. 3. Hired and engaged a highly respected ESG consulting organization to help CCT establish goals and create a roadmap for progress on this initiative.
  4. 4. Participate in the EcoVadis evidence-based assessment on an annual basis.
  5. 5. CCT is a member of the Sustainable Packaging Coalition, the leading voice on sustainable packaging.  They bring businesses, educational institutions, and government agencies together to advance the business case for more sustainable packaging.SustainablePackagingCoalition
  6. 6. Engage CCT teams on important sustainability dates like Earth Day, World Environment Day, and others to make time and show their support.

Additionally, the company is working with customers to create case studies and measure impact by using CCT’s solutions, to help achieve their sustainability goals.

Goals & Commitment to Carbon Neutrality, Water Savings, & Waste Reduction

Waste Reduction: CCT set a goal to reduce 100M pounds of landfill waste by 2025.

Water Savings: An independent, client-led study showed that CCT TRUEtemp® Naturals curbside recyclable shippers reduce water use by 91%. CCT is also working on other initiatives to reduce the use of water in its manufacturing processes.

Carbon Neutrality: Most pharmaceutical companies have aggressive carbon neutrality goals; CCT’s reusable and single-use sustainable shippers assist companies by reducing overall environmental impact by 80%. Additionally, CCT’s own ESG goals include carbon neutrality through its own operations.

To learn more about CCT’s Sustainability Initiative, download our Solution Brief here.

To learn more about CCT's Sustainability Policy, download here.

Life Cycle Assessments (LCAs)

Comparing KoolTemp® GTS Excel with CCT EcoFlex™
Comparing KoolTemp® GTS Extreme with CCT Advanced™
Comparing CCT Rx™ with CCT Rx™ Naturals

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