Sustainability, Life Cycle Assessment, and CCT EcoFlex™

The life science industry has traditionally relied on single use expanded polystyrene (EPS) / polyurethane foam (PUR) coolers to securely transport vaccines, medications, and injectables. While these single use EPS / PUR solutions offer effectiveness, cost efficiency, and lightweight attributes, they also present a considerable sustainability challenge, particularly in terms of landfill impact. 

In response to these challenges, CCT has pioneered the development of CCT EcoFlexTM, a reusable parcel tailored for clients within the life science industry. The CCT EcoFlex not only addresses the drawbacks associated with single use EPS / PUR solutions but also provides a host of advantages. By adopting just-in-time conditioned reusable parcel shippers, customers can strategically minimize the cost per dose of delivery while aligning with their sustainability objectives.

CCT proved the reusable parcel program at scale when they were chosen to support Operation Warp Speed for the distribution of COVID-19 vaccinations. To date, CCT has delivered over 500 million COVID-19 vaccinations utilizing the CCT EcoFlex reusable parcel portfolio.  

This accomplishment is the result of meticulous planning and collaboration, underscored by the imperative need for robust data supporting the re-use model. In this regard, the utilization of Trayak’s Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) played a pivotal role in highlighting the superior benefits of our reusable shipper compared to conventional single use EPS systems.


The LCA analysis has played a pivotal role in the formulation of eco-calculators, designed to effectively illustrate the substantial landfill savings achieved through transitioning from a conventional single use EPS / PUR system. Leveraging the insights derived from comprehensive data, we have successfully crafted a dynamic and visually informative model tailored to our customers estimated annual usage.

This sophisticated eco-calculator not only reflects our commitment to sustainability but also serves as a powerful tool for clients, enabling them to gain a clear understanding of the environmental benefits associated with the adoption of our reusable solutions. By presenting a flexible and customized visual representation aligned with their specific usage patterns, we empower our customers to make informed decisions that prioritize both efficiency and ecological responsibility. 




To date, our customers have deployed over 3 million reusable shippers, underscoring a substantial commitment to environmentally responsible practices. The utilization of the CCT EcoFlex reusable parcel shipper has yielded a myriad of benefits for both the life science industry and the broader community. CCT has strategically assumed a leadership role within the industry, demonstrating proactive engagement by spearheading the development of sustainable and reusable shipping solutions. This initiative aligns with our overarching commitment to fostering a more sustainable and eco-conscious landscape within the life science sector. 



We have successfully diverted more than 55 million pounds of waste from landfills, surpassing our initial projections. In light of this achievement, we have elevated our 2025 target, now aiming to surpass the milestone of 100 million pounds in landfill waste avoidance. This upward revision reflects our unwavering commitment to environmental stewardship and underscores our dedication to exceeding sustainability benchmarks within the specified timeframe. 

Additional vital tools engineered to provide comprehensive support to our clients included advanced capabilities for fleet tracking and tracing. These functionalities were instrumental in ensuring the efficient retrieval and redeployment of our shipping fleet. Furthermore, our systems have proven invaluable in identifying and addressing challenges associated with delivery to complex or problematic locations. These enhancements underscore our commitment to operational excellence and client satisfaction, facilitating a seamless and optimized experience throughout the logistics process.

CCT EcoFlexCCT proudly holds the distinction of possessing the largest reusable parcel shipper portfolio within the life science industry, complemented by the industry's largest tracked reusable parcel shipper fleet. This accomplishment is further underscored by our strategic management of a notably streamlined fleet of reusable shippers. 

In support of our CCT EcoFlex portfolio, CCT has undertaken the refinement of artwork to convey a bold and clear message to end customers, emphasizing the reusable nature of the shipper and the importance of its return, facilitated by a convenient prepaid shipping label. 

Furthermore, we have implemented a comprehensive system, including a dedicated calling system for addressing delinquent shippers and an online dashboard tailored for our CCT EcoFlex customers. This dashboard provides valuable insights into the real-time location of their fleet and ensures timely returns. The reusable program dashboard offers a wealth of information, including analytics on seasonality, return rates, identification of missing boxes, and empowers customers to make informed decisions regarding the inclusion of end customers in the reusable program.


Reusable Program Dashboard

The integration of the reusable program dashboard, coupled with supplementary tracking mechanisms for managing the CCT EcoFlex fleet, has played a pivotal role in facilitating CCT and our operations team in the refurbishment and strategic redeployment of solutions to better serve our customers. Proactively aligning with operational priorities, CCT has strategically positioned refurbishment centers in proximity to customer sites. This deliberate approach not only enhances the efficiency of fleet redeployment but also aligns seamlessly with our commitment to advancing sustainability initiatives. 




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