Thermal Packaging Design

At Cold Chain Technologies (CCT), we realize that smart thermal packaging isn’t just about what happens inside the box, but what’s likely to occur outside it as well.  Our industry leading Thermal Packaging Design process incorporates all of the “what if” scenarios, by determining the most effective solutions for fluctuating temperatures and variable shipping durations.

End-to-end analysis

The first step in the design process is to detail all of your requirements in a comprehensive Product Requirements Document (PRD). As a result, a member of our highly trained and experienced technical sales team will review with your team, a detailed questionnaire with your team to fully understand all of the thermal, physical and economic requirements.

Industry leading design

Using our extensive knowledge of thermodynamics and thermal materials, KoolDesigns™, the industry’s most advanced analytical modeling service; we’ll develop the best solution for your temperature-sensitive products.

Total cost review

We’ll analyze all your requirements including distribution, logistics, and the total solution cost including packaging, freight, ergonomics, pack-out, and performance. We also supply a Product Quantity Analysis by calculating key criteria such as order quantity history, cost per order and more. We then crunch the numbers to make the best quantity recommendations for any situation.

Smart manufacturing

All of our products are developed and manufactured using sophisticated thermal engineering processes and stringent qualifications. Every component is smartly designed to ensure the best overall solution for each client’s distinct distribution requirements. As a result, we are recognized as an industry leader for our skills in thermal package design.