Reusable Solutions & Return Service Programs

Leading the way in reusable shipping solutions and tailored refurbishment and return programs.

KoolTemp GTS Enshield

PCM Pallet Protection for Total Confidence


KoolTemp GTS EcoFlex

Economy and Ecology meet Flexibility



KoolTemp ReNew, turn-key programs reducing landfill waste associated with disposal of your temperature sensitive packaging.

Up to 82% reduction of pack-out time

Cost-effective access
to advanced
shipper technology

Make the same amount of shipments with nearly 90% fewer shippers


Superior PCM-Powered performance vs. standard thermal pallet covers, making new shipping lanes possible.

Operational simplicity
of single-stage refrigerant conditioning

Reset the qualification
clock with the only PCM
that recharges in transit

50% Total
Cost Reduction


Advanced VIP-PCM shipping system designed for efficient and compliant reuse.

4+ Days of
temperature protection

Extended performance
due to advanced design

Reduced freight costs due to lighter reusable materials