Phase Change Materials

Proven performance against extreme temperatures.

  1. General Details

    Koolit® Advanced Refrigerant PCMs are non-water-based phase change materials (PCMs) that freeze and melt at or near the same temperatures as needed by the products it protects. We use this characteristic to create super-efficient thermal packaging that results in reduced size, weight, and freight costs.

    Koolit Refrigerant PCMs are sold as part of our pre-qualified KoolTemp® GTS qualified shipping solutions and are packaged in both flexible saddlebags and hard bottles.

  2. Key Features
    • Non-toxic
    • Reusable
    • Extreme hot and cold temperature protection
    • Significant packaging and freight savings
    • Ideal for domestic and international shipments
    Item Number Temperature Range(s) Qty. Per Case Cases Per Pallet
    708M26 Refrigerated 48 30
    711M12 Refrigerated, Room Temperature 48 30
    722M14A Refrigerated, Room Temperature 24 30
    732M16 Refrigerated 18 40
    732M24 Refrigerated, Room Temperature 12 48
    744M24 Refrigerated, Room Temperature 12 30
    SLV001 Refrigerated 1 88
    SLV002 Refrigerated 1 240
    SLV011 Room Temperature 1 88
    SLV012 Room Temperature 1 240
    408R Refrigerated 6 30
    409R Refrigerated 6 80

    **For detailed specifications on our PCM products please contact us.