Phase Change Gel

Proven performance against extreme temperatures.

  1. General Details



    Koolit® Advanced PCM Gel provides the durability and security of a PCM bottle, with the lightweight, leak-proof advantages of a gel pack. Available in four mix-and-match temperature applications: 3°C, 5°C, 7°C, and 17°C, our patented Koolit Advanced PCM Gel provides uniform thermal payload protection in a flexible, break-resistant gel pack. You get the greatest levels of PCM coverage and protection, along with the lightest weights and lowest shipping costs.

  2. Key Features
    • Reusable
    • Uniform thermal coverage
    • Leakproof, durable and tear-resistant
    • Greater performance than PCM bottles and water-based refrigerants
    • Cost-effective protection, with reduced shipment weight/size
    • Multiple size options, including customized configurations
    • Able to lay flat against product, with foldable corners for tighter coverage
    • Reusable or readily disposable for single-use applications
    • Dimensional stability – holds its shape and position during shipment
    • Ideal for domestic and international shipments
    • Significant packaging and freight savings
    • Non-toxic, with no aspiration hazards


    Item Number Temperature Range(s) Qty. Per Case Cases Per Pallet
    708G26 Refrigerated 48 30
    711G12 Refrigerated, Room Temperature 48 30
    722G14 Refrigerated, Room Temperature 24 30
    744G24 Refrigerated, Room Temperature 12 30

    **For detailed specifications on our PCM products please contact us.