Reuse, Hazards and Disposal of Koolit® Advanced Refrigerant PCMs

PCM Overview

Non water-based phase change materials (PCMs) are used as refrigerants in passive thermal packaging designs because the freezing/melting point of the materials is within the desired temperature range within which the protected product’s temperature needs to be maintained. This can allow for more efficient shipper designs, resulting in solutions which are smaller and weigh less, saving on freight, handling and storage costs.

The refrigerant in Koolit® Advanced PCMs belong to a family of organic compounds that includes alkanes, fatty acids and fatty acid esters consisting only of the elements of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. Theses compounds are stable and occur naturally in the plant and animal kingdoms – in biogas, deer musk, plant wax layers, and shark liver oil, for example.

Reuse of Koolit® Refrigerants

For non-qualified applications, all Koolit Refrigerants are reusable as long as there are no signs of damage.  For qualified applications they must also meet the original manufacturing specifications (weight & dimensions) to successfully be reusable.  To verify these specifications, an internal quality program should be implemented.

Typically shelf-life of Koolit liquid refrigerant products is 2 years from the date of manufacture which is printed on each individual unit and 3 years for gelled PCM.  Storage and use conditions can increase or decrease this time considerably.


The Koolit® Advanced Refrigerant PCM does not contain any hazardous air pollutants and is not listed as a Hazardous Substance under the Clean Water Act. It does not require any special shipping declarations. The most common hazard of the Koolit® Refrigerant PCM would be moderate skin irritation if the material comes in direct contact with the body. However, it is short lasting and will go away after exposure ends. Irritation of other membranes will also occur if direct contact exists, so eye contact and ingestion should be avoided. If ingestion occurs, do not induce vomiting but seek medical advice. Koolit® Advanced Refrigerant PCM is available in both liquid and gel forms. The liquid form presents a potentially fatal aspiration hazard if inhalation occurs.  If inhalation does occur, seek immediate medical attention.  This hazard is not indicated in the gel form.

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