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Holliston, Massachusetts; February 01, 2007 – Cold Chain Technologies, a leading source for engineering-based thermal packaging, is pleased to announce a strategic partnership that significantly enhances its manufacturing and distribution network. Cold Chain has formed an alliance with Foam Fabricators, Inc., one of the largest shape molders of foam in North America, and a major global supplier through established manufacturing affiliations in Europe, Asia and South America. (

The partnership was conceived specifically to provide the resources and complete distribution coverage to meet the needs of global pharmaceutical and biotechnology customers. According to Larry Gordon, president of Cold Chain, “Customers increasingly are telling us of the economic, timing and contingency planning benefits available from receiving qualified packaging from multiple locations. The combined capabilities of Foam Fabricators and Cold Chain will enable us to meet the cold chain requirements of our major accounts while we continue to bring to market new and cost effective cold chain solutions.”

Foam Fabricators, celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, boasts a widespread national and international network of foam molding processing plants. Its new alliance with Cold Chain Technologies will allow Foam Fabricators to better support the cold chain business while focusing on what it does best: ensure premium quality control, manufacture a secured supply, and deliver on-time.

Cold Chain Technologies provides distribution of its cold chain solutions throughout U.S. and North America. We have developed a well-tuned system for just-in-time local delivery, along with our CCT partners, Foam Fabricators, Inc., Polyfoam Corporation, and Topa Verpakking/Topa Instituut.

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