Insulated Shipping Containers

Shipping Container – Insulated

High-quality temperature controlled containers that meet or exceed the standards of USDA, HAACP, DOT, and all major carriers including FedEx® and UPS®

Polyurethane Cooler Boxes

KoolTemp® PUR Polyurethane Containers, combined with Koolit® refrigerants, provide superior maintenance of internal payload temperatures, even under extreme weather conditions.

Cold Chain Pallet Shippers

KoolTemp® Pallet Shippers provide secure, easy-to-use and superior thermal protection for large size loads of temperature-sensitive products.

EPS Containers

KoolTemp® EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) Panel Sheet Insulated Containers provide space-saving, durable and efficient thermal protection for virtually any temperature-sensitive shipping application.

Thermal Envelope

KoolTemp® Insulated Envelopes are lightweight, freight saving, durable, and designed with a spacious payload chamber for your temperature-sensitive needs.