KoolTemp EndeavAir 1600L

Up to 144+ Hour Bulk Transport for Frozen or Refrigerated Vaccine

The True Replacement for Active Solutions at a Fraction of the Cost!

  • Up to 144+ Hour Duration – 2.0°C–8.0°C, 15.0°C–25.0°C, and < -20.0 °C
  • Lowest Total Cost
    • 41% cost savings vs active units
    • 30% cost savings vs passive units
  • Universal Pack-Out – Simplified pack-out process takes less time
  • No Compromise – Payload height of 50” (127 cm)
  • Complete Confidence – Real-time visibility to system location and temperature
  • Worldwide Solution – Accepts US or Euro palletized payload
  • Maximum Operational Flexibility – Conditioned set-up trip lease
  • Lower CO2 Footprint – Reduce empty repositioning transport with
    flexible unit configuration
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A fully-conditioned, leased, reusable shipper designed to fit four on a PMC, the Kooltemp EndeavAir 1600L has the largest payload possible, allowing for 40% fewer shipments compared to other passive shipping solutions. If booking a full ULD, more savings are realized with freight reduced by $2000 or more.

Want all the benefits of an active system without hassle? The Kooltemp EndeavAir offers up to 144+ hour duration, award-winning gelled-PCM, military-grade cargo
tie-downs—plus, the flexibility and availability unheard of with active systems.

With multiple patent-pending technologies and real-time telemetrics, Kooltemp EndeavAIR provides unprecedented flexibility and protection for your
temperature-sensitive shipments.

Key Features

Tallest Payload of any Passive Shipping Solution.

Industry’s Only Passive Pallet Shipper that is Quarter PMC for both US and Euro Pallet.

All the benefits of an active unit—for the cost of a passive solution.

Flexible Temperature Configuration – Powered by Interchangeable Koolit Advanced PCM Gel.

Smallest Volumetric Weight of any Reusable Pallet Shipper.

Cost Savings

KoolTemp EndeavAiR 1600L
Leading Active Competitor X
Leading Active Competitor Y

41% Less Expensive

Payload Efficiency

KoolTemp EndeavAir 1600L: 50”
Leading Passive Competitor X: 48”
Leading Passive Competitor Y: 45”

40% Fewer Shipments

High Volume Freight Savings – 4 Pallets

KoolTemp EndeavAir 1600L
Leading Passive Competitor X
Leading Passive Competitor Y

27% Lower Freight Costs

Recommended Use


Air Freight

True Replacement for Active Solutions – no need to sacrifice payload volume by utilizing a 50” High Payload, US or Euro Pallet.



System Approximate Dimensions Payload Volume Tare Weight


Weight lbs (kg)
KoolTemp EndeavAir 1600L Payload 48 in
1219 mm
40 in
1016 mm
50 in
1270 mm
1573 L 1139 lbs
(516.6 kg)
1302 lbs
(590.6 kg)
Outside 61.4 in
1559 mm
47.2 in
1199 mm
62.5 in
1588 mm

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