KoolDesigns Thermal Modeling

Quickly develop, evaluate and analyze temperature controlled packaging solutions that will maintain your product’s integrity throughout the cold chain – with KoolDesigns analytical thermal modeling.

Through a combination of computational thermal fluid dynamics and finite element analysis, we can accurately predict the thermal performance of virtually any shipping system.  The industry’s most robust predictive service, KoolDesigns provides fast, accurate modeling, taking into account all critical thermal transfer elements, including conduction, convection, and phase change. We apply our proprietary database of material and system characteristics to expertly construct models that optimize your solution before moving it efficiently through the qualification process in our state-of-the-art thermal testing lab.  KoolDesigns can also predict thermal performance when changes occur in your product offering or supply chain.

A Wide Range of Applications

New Product Development

KoolDesigns facilitates the optimization of new or existing designs by quickly and accurately evaluating multiple design concepts and potential revisions. The need for iterative physical testing decreases; speed to market increases.

Evaluation of Alternate Ambient Temperature Profiles for Existing Designs

We can accurately evaluate the performance of an existing package design against new temperature profiles, including profiles representing new shipping lanes and those generated by updated ambient mapping studies.

Evaluation of New Payload Families for Existing Designs

KoolDesigns can be used to define the limits for a variety of payload configurations within a single shipper. By bracketing payload product attributes, the system readily establishes acceptable payload ranges.

Evaluation of Unanticipated Exposure During Transit

Find out whether your product’s stability has been compromised if it unexpectedly encounters extreme temperatures or extended exposure while in transit. KoolDesigns advanced modeling tools analyze the situation and help you assess the integrity of your temperature-sensitive payload.


Whether your packaging challenge is extreme or conventional, KoolDesigns can reduce testing time and development costs.

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