March 11, 2021

Our Work Matters – A Family Vaccination

The Family Matriarch Receives Her Second COVID-19 Vaccine

Lillian Smith, a 104-year-old independent living resident of the Lutheran Home in Telford, Pennsylvania, was delighted to receive her second shot of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine. Lillian’s grandson-in-law, Jim Nilsen, Senior Director of Technical Solutions at Cold Chain Technologies, was involved in the development of the KoolTemp EcoFlex 96 shipping solution. The Moderna COVID-19 vaccine has strict temperature storage and transportation requirements, and Lillian’s dose was safely delivered to her residence while maintaining a frozen temperature of -20°C.

Lillian stated, “I’m excited to get vaccinated and proud that a member of my family was involved with keeping the vaccines safe during distribution across America.”

For more information on CCT’s broad portfolio of COVID-19 vaccine shipping solutions, click here.

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