Green Initiatives

Continuing Commitment to a Cleaner World

At Cold Chain Technologies (CCT), we’re continuing our commitment to create sustainable, environment friendly solutions that protect temperature sensitive goods. These include: lean initiatives, internal recycling programs, energy conservation, reusable solutions, and
recyclable products.

Environmental Benefits of Reusable Shippers

To understand the real environmental benefits of reuse, CCT collaborated with Trayak, a sustainability consulting and software company, to conduct a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) comparing CCT’s single-use and reusable shippers. Trayak used their EcoImpact-COMPASS software to model CCT’s shippers and conduct the LCA according to the requirements of International Standard ISO 14044:2006. This work was then further reviewed by a 3rd party to confirm its conformance to relevant ISO standards.

*All values and figures presented are taken from CCT’s LCA report prepared May 4, 2022. A copy of the report containing the study and the third-party attestation of ISO compliance is available upon request.

CCT is proud to be a member of the Sustainable Packaging Coalition (SPC). The leading voice on packaging sustainability, the SPC brings together businesses, educational institutions, and government agencies to collectively strengthen and advance the business case for more sustainable packaging.

  • Beneficial, safe, and healthy for individuals and communities throughout its life cycle.
  • Meets market criteria for performance and cost.
  • Sourced, manufactured, transported, and recycled using renewable energy.
  • Optimizes the use of renewable or recycled source materials.
  • Manufactured using clean production technologies and best practices.
  • Made from materials healthy throughout the life cycle.
  • Physically designed to optimize materials and energy.
  • Effectively recovered and utilized in biological and/or industrial closed cycles.

Lean Values

By implementing Lean core values at CCT, we’re optimizing our operation to minimize our energy usage, waste of raw materials, and reject rate among finished goods. We’ve initiated a company-wide effort to improve efficiencies within our manufacturing and non-manufacturing operations. This effort is particularly evident in our vigilance to minimize the 7 Wastes: rework, motion, overproduction, conveyance, inventory, over processing, and waiting.

Internal Recycling

We seize every opportunity to improve and reuse all raw materials, where applicable, used in manufacturing. This includes an active program to externally recycle all excess corrugate. In addition, we only use virgin EPS in our products, and we recycle any excess waste back to the manufacturer for their use in other applications.

Energy Conservation

We have installed energy saving lighting including motion sensing systems in our warehouse and shop floor lighting. This helps reduce our carbon footprint. We are also working with suppliers to economize on material usage and minimize excessive transportation.


We’ve developed several products that may be reused, once inspected, including our gel packs, and PUR and GTS line of polyurethane solutions. Modular components of our thermal solutions products allow for reuse after replacement of worn components. We’ve also introduced reusable plastic trays for transporting refrigerants to customers, which minimizes the use of corrugate.