Dependable Performance for High Value Therapies
  • Sophisticated Design – Novel windbreaker design eliminates commonly observed Super Cooling
  • Proven Performance – Ability to hold below -65 °C over 180 Hours against ISTA 7d Summer Profile
  • Eco-Friendly – Uses 30% less dry ice compared to traditional polyurethane shippers
    • Reduces weight of the shipper leading to both costs savings and lower carbon footprint
  • Smart Shipper – Powered by CCT Smart SolutionsTM, customers can use a full suite of digital solutions to plan, create, track, and optimize their shipment
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The CCT ULTimate™ was developed to meet the distinct needs of a rapidly expanding market for ultra-low temperature therapies. CCT ULTimate’s novel design supports the safe transport of high value therapies for over 180 hours against a strict ISTA 7D profile. The addition of an industry first “windbreaker” eliminates the issue supercooling plays when transporting product with dry ice.  CCT ULTimate is powered with CCT Smart Solutions™ which increases customer visibility and allows customers to plan, create, track, and optimize their shipments.

Due to superior thermal properties, the shipper’s vacuum-insulated panels allow for a much smaller solution overall, which is better for the environment in multiple ways. A smaller solution means an increase in freight efficiency which translates to reduced environmental impact during transit. The unique design allows for 30% less dry ice compared to traditional polyurethane shippers with enhanced protection. The reduction in weight of the shipper leads to both cost savings and lower carbon footprint. The CCT ULTimate is truly a one-of-a-kind solution for those that need strict ultra-low temperature transport.

Key Features

Recommended Use


Air Freight

International or domestic shipments with wide variability in ambient temperatures and potential shipment delays.


Land Freight

Shipment of high value therapies in first mile and clinical trial settings.


System Dimension
Approximate Dimensions Payload Volume Tare Weight
ULT-120-MD-DI- PSB Payload 9 1/8 in
232 mm
9 1/8 in
232 mm
9 1/2 in
241 mm
0.46 ft3
12.96 L
22.9 lbs
(10.4 kg)
Outside 15 5/6 in
402 mm
15 5/6 in
402 mm
22 1/8 in
562 mm
3.20 ft3
90.80 L

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