W20 Thermal Covers

Powered by Tyvek®


Breathable barrier – The process used to make CCT Thermal Covers maintains the breathability of the material, reducing risk from humidity, condensation, and trapped gases, while speeding recovery to your desired target temperature when brought back into the cold chain from a hot environment exposure—benefits you won’t get with non-breathable competing covers.

Lightweight strength – The unique flash-spun structure of Tyvek® resists tears and punctures, yet it’s typically two to eight times lighter than conventional products.

Superior temperature control – The brilliant white surface of the W20 thermal cover is a superior reflector of solar radiation in the most important, highest intensity visible spectrum, thereby reducing heat gain. At the same time, the metallized inner coating further decreases heat transfer in the direction of the cargo, all without reducing the covers’ breathability.


CCT Thermal Covers, powered by Tyvek®, are in a class of their own, providing proven protection against temperature excursions, physical hazards, harmful gasses and vapors, condensation damage, biological threats, and tampering.

CCT Thermal Covers are designed to reflect >90% of incoming solar energy. Unlike many competitive products that rely on a thick insulation layer, the fact that Tyvek® is reflective means that our thermal covers can be thinner, flexible, and lightweight. As a result, CCT Thermal Covers are easier to install, saving warehouse space, time and money. Perhaps more importantly, ease of installation translates to streamlined operations and improved efficiency.


Using patented technology by Blueye, CCT Thermal Covers provide outstanding short-wave solar radiation protection to pharmaceuticals when exposed to sunshine conditions. By allowing the exchange of air and water vapor through the fabric, the covers help ensure that under cover moisture levels cannot reach damaging levels as a result of ambient temperature fluctuations. This breathability also permits the controlled escape of humidity, reducing the formation of condensation, which minimizes the risk of water damage to product, packaging and labels.

Additionally, our thermal covers keep your products masked from view and offer tamper-evident installation to prevent the risk of theft and tampering.

Key Features



  • Highly reflective to reduce temperature excursions and cold chain breaks.
  • Enhanced temperature control provided by an inner metallized layer.
  • Recommended for pharmaceuticals.

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