CCT TheraShield™

Advanced, reusable thermal packaging solution specifically designed for the cell and gene therapy industry.


  • Robust Performance – Tested against robust ISTA 7D standards.
  • Sustainable & Recyclable – Reusable shipping system with recyclable parts significantly contributes to your organizations sustainable initiatives.
  • Hibernation Capable – Can hibernate without compromising performance.
  • Extended Duration – Shippers can last >96 hours.
  • Smart Shipper – Powered by CCT Smart SolutionsTM, customers can plan, create, track, and optimize their shipment.


CCT TheraShield™ offers a broad range of advanced, reusable, passive thermal packaging solutions created to support the needs of the cell and gene therapy industry and is directly linked to the CCT Smart Solutions™ portal. Through CCT Smart Solutions, customers will be able to plan, create, track, and optimize their shipments. This portfolio is available in various temperature profiles, sizes, and has been tested against robust ISTA 7D standards. CCT TheraShield leverages CCT’s substantial experience in managing ultra-low temperature shipments with reusable services, which were showcased throughout the distribution of the mRNA Covid-19 vaccine.

CCT TheraShield is hibernation capable, meaning that in the right storage environment, it can accommodate scheduled or unscheduled shipment delays without compromising product safety.

Due to superior thermal properties, vacuum-insulated panels allow for a much smaller solution overall. This is better for the environment in multiple ways. A smaller solution means an increase in freight efficiency which translates to reduced environmental impact during transit. Also, should the need arise for traditional disposal, the minimal amount of non-recyclable or non-reusable components requires significantly less landfill space than molded, single-use, insulated coolers.

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