CCT Rx Mini

Qualified performance in an extra small SPRx CRT shipper
  • Robust Performance – 60-hour duration
  • ISTA 7E Summer Qualification – Controlled Room Temperature 15°C to 30°C
  • Simple Pack-out – 1 gel refrigerant and bubble wrap
  • Configuration Options – Available with refrigerants (PT) or ordering components individually (CISU-BD)
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The new CCT Rx Mini Shipper is specifically qualified for last-mile shipments against the ISTA 7E summer profile for up to 60 hours.  It is available in one temperature range; Controlled Room temperature (CRT: 15°C to 30°C).

Cold Chain Technologies has the experience, products, and services to ensure patient safety, compliance, and profitability. Our shipping solutions satisfy the regulations and accreditation requirements for specialty and mail order pharmacies.

Key Features

Recommended Use



Shipment of last-mile pharmaceuticals from specialty or mail order pharmacies




Controlled Room Temperature (15.0°C TO 30.0°C)

Part Number Duration
Approximate Dimensions Payload Volume Tare Weight
Weight lbs (kg)
RXM-60-XS-CRT-HOT 60 Payload 2 1/2 in
(64 mm)
1 1/2 in
(38 mm)
3 in
(76 mm)
0.2 L 5.1 lbs
1.4 lbs
(0.64 kg)
Outside 9 3/4 in
(248 mm)
8 1/8 in
(206 mm)
9 in
(229 mm)

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