Congressman Auchincloss Visits Cold Chain Technologies Headquarters

Rep Auchincloss learns firsthand about the company’s contributions to the nationwide distribution of COVID-19 vaccines and recognizes Cold Chain Technologies’ employees for their hard work to meet demand.


FRANKLIN, MA — Today, Congressman Jake Auchincloss (D-MA, 04) visited Cold Chain Technologies at its headquarters in Franklin with Representative Jeff Roy to gain insight into the company’s nearly year-long expansion of capacity and production to support the effort to develop and distribute vaccines to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. Since taking office, Auchincloss’ key legislative priorities include boosting vaccine supply and ensuring rapid distribution of vaccines in an effort to stay ahead of COVID-19 variants.

“We are in a race between vaccines and variants, said Auchincloss. “The swift administration of COVID-19 vaccinations for Massachusetts’ residents is supported by partnerships with innovative Massachusetts life science companies like Cold Chain Technologies who are at the forefront of the COVID-19 vaccine rollout. Massachusetts life sciences is once again leading the nation, and world, in a time of crisis.”

“We’re proud to do our part to help end this pandemic by ensuring that COVID-19 vaccines are safely stored, transported, thawed and ready to administer — while maintaining the required temperature,” said Ranjeet Banerjee, CEO, Cold Chain Technologies. “We’re honored to host Representative Auchincloss to share how we have supported increased volume of vaccine distribution and are prepared to handle even greater volume while ensuring speed and quality at the local, national and global levels.”

Cold Chain Technologies (CCT) plays a pivotal role in the nationwide distribution of COVID-19 vaccines by providing thermal packaging solutions that maintain the temperature and integrity of the vaccines — from the first mile of packaging at the manufacturer site, to the last mile of hospitals, local health departments and doctor’s offices where the vaccine is administered into the arms of patients.

“Today was a great opportunity to see one of the most innovative and reliable providers of thermal packaging solutions right here in Franklin,” said Representative Jeffrey N. Roy (D Franklin). “Cold Chain Technologies is a leader in the fight against the pandemic and millions of Americans rely on its products to get their vaccines delivered safely. I was thrilled to join Congressman Auchincloss at Cold Chain and see the operation that is helping to save lives by using innovative technologies and procedures developed in our backyard.”

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