The Progression of The Life Science Cold Chain

Since the Beginning

Cold Chain Technologies, LLC (CCT) has been evolving with and driving change in the life sciences temperature sensitive packaging and logistics market for 50 years.  During that time the industry has experienced several changes.   In its infancy shipment of temperature sensitive prophylactic vaccines was the primary emphasis.  In addition to vaccines, the growth of biological therapies for a wide range of treatments has exploded since Genentech, Inc. received the FDA’s first approval for a biologic in 1982 with the introduction of recombinant insulin.

Setting the Standards

Early on there was little industry guidance and best practices were yet to be created.  A “colder is better” mindset was often encountered and the impact of several variables were not widely understood.  CCT was one of the pioneering companies to fill that void.  Many years later the industry continues to evolve.  Guidance from various regulatory and industry bodies throughout the world have created a pathway to best practices for the uninitiated.  CCT has served on numerous policy leading committees helping to draft guidance and educate our partner companies.  Product and service providers have recognized the continued growth in the temperature-sensitive life science market.  The current result is a plethora of choices, many of which could not have been fathomed just a decade ago.

Looking to the Future

Technology in packaging materials has brought forth solutions that better protect products, cost less to procure, are smaller resulting in decreased freight, and have less of an environmental impact.  Logistics providers offer several levels of service to meet any array of duration and handling needs while data logging companies continue a rapid pace of innovation.  The answers are all there if you know where to look and with whom to speak.  Whether you are shipping at strict 2-8°C, controlled ambient, below -70°C, or trying to maintain an elusive 20-25°C, the solutions and best practices exist.  Today your time is not spent inventing the wheel, but rather sifting through all the technology and service offering combinations to choose the best temperature-controlled packaging option to meets your needs.

At Cold Chain Technologies, we take pride in providing solution driven products and services that enable our clients to better manage their life science supply chains.

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