CCT’s Reusable Program Dashboard service goes beyond just offering a robust thermal packaging solution. It encompasses a reliable infrastructure, solid process, and is supported by digital capabilities to help customers achieve their goals of enhancing performance, reducing risk, managing costs, improving sustainability, and gaining greater visibility, thereby, providing comprehensive thermal assurance.

As a leader in the cold chain packaging industry, CCT is focused on enhancing patient safety while also reducing billions of dollars in waste. We achieve this through a combination of thermal engineering, material science, and digital innovation that integrate with our thermal packaging solutions.  

Launched several months ago, CCT Smart SolutionsTM has ushered in a new era for life science customers by providing a suite of digital applications designed to plan, ship, track, and optimize shipments. At the heart of this revolutionary offering is "CCT MedAssure," a set of applications that empowers customers to set up, manage, and monitor shipments seamlessly.

The foundation of CCT MedAssure lies in its rich features, allowing customers to configure notifications, user access, roles, privileges, and program settings for various smart solution applications. This robust functionality ensures a tailored and efficient experience for each user. Here customers set up specific programs, choose on demand parcel or on demand fleet, activate or deactivate programs, handle settings, permissions, access, and roles.  

One of the powerful tools available with CCT MedAssure is the Reusable Program Dashboard application. Through the Reusable Program Dashboard, customers have a comprehensive view of key performance indicators (KPIs) related to their reusable program. This feature empowers users to review, analyze, and optimize their reusable shipping initiatives for maximum efficiency. It captures on time return rates, renew cycle, the number of on time returns, the number of late and lost shippers and landfill savings calculations - all at your fingertips, easily viewed by week or by month with a customizable date range. The online dashboard is tailored for CCT EcoFlexTM customers. This dashboard offers valuable insights into the real-time location of your fleet and ensures prompt returns. Customers receive a wealth of information, including analytics on seasonality, return rates, identification of missing boxes, and empowers customers to make informed decisions about the inclusion of end customers in the reusable program.

The Program Trends tab in the Reusable Program Dashboard highlights on time return rates, the number of shippers in the field, in our customer’s stock, late returns, and lost parcels. It is a great high-level snapshot on the program.


The Late Shippers tab gives visibility into specific customers that are delinquent in their returns with the pertinent shipping information to track the shipment. Lost shippers are any shippers that have been with a customer or in the field for over 120 days.  CCT has identified that after this time, it is unlikely that the shipper will return and therefore will have to be re-built. 


The Inventory Management Tab provides insight into trends and highlights customers’ utilization of shippers and inventory over time. The application highlights the number of shipments per month or week, the number of parcels in the field, quantity of parcels in stock at a customer site, and the number of late returns. 


The Landfill Savings Calculator provides KPI feedback on the landfill avoidance savings using the CCT EcoFlex reusable parcel shipper.  


CCT's Reusable Program Dashboard provides insight into end user health by providing feedback on the number of shippers to a specific end customer location, highlighting returned parcels, as well as any potentially lost parcels. This gives customers the opportunity to evaluate performance by end-customers. 


CCT has built a flexible, downloadable, Reusable Program Dashboard with tracking and visibility to empower your organization to manage KPIs and monitor shipments seamlessly, while providing the assurance needed for managing cold chain shipments. To learn more or request a demo, please contact us



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