Strategic Partners

Our manufacturing and distribution network here at Cold Chain Technologies (CCT) is enhanced by our strong strategic partnerships both domestically and internationally. These partnerships combined with our full-scale production facilities in Massachusetts, Tennessee and Nevada enable us to provide world-wide delivery of custom made and off-the-shelf thermal packaging solutions.
Topa Thermal Packaging is a global supplier of cold chain solutions throughout Europe who service the evolving needs of international pharmaceutical, biotech, and healthcare companies. As partners, Topa and CCT recognize that these sectors require products manufactured to the identical standards in both North America and Europe, which is why we both have an integrated approach to our manufacturing, R&D and sales process. We also have partnered with Topa Institute to collaborate on innovative designs and new products. Featuring two of the leading cold chain laboratories in the world, CCT and Topa provide customers with quality insulated packaging solutions that meet their specifications and regulatory requirements.
VWR International, LLC is a global laboratory supply and distribution company and distribution company that enables science by supplying critical products to the world’s top pharmaceutical, biotech, industrial, educational and governmental organizations. CCT and VWR have formed a strategic alliance to provide our complete line of products across VWR’s distributions centers across the United States.
Cedarlane’s experience and expertise has allowed the company to integrate across various industries to establish several new divisions; offering customers in other markets access to high quality, affordable products from around the world.
Medical Specialties Distributors (MSD) is the leading distributor of infusion related products and biomedical equipment rentals and service into the alternate care market. MSD has assembled teams of experts, dedicated to the work of supply chain logistics, cost containment, equipment management, online learning, online ordering, formulary management, patient home delivery, and more.
Hutchins & Hutchins Logo

Hutchins & Hutchins™ is a 21,000 square foot cleanroom supply facility and supply company located in Waynesboro Virginia. For over three decades Hutchins & Hutchins have been distributing products throughout the pharmaceutical, food, biotechnology, medical and tissue bank industries.