The shipment of temperature sensitive products must be shielded from the bumps and bounces of handling, the volatility of weather, and other unpredictable events.  Pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device, healthcare, and food service companies alike all count on us to meet their thermal packaging needs.

At Cold Chain Technologies, we design, test and manufacture one of the world’s most extensive and cost-effective lines of thermal packaging solutions, including KoolTemp® Pre-Qualified Shipping Systems, KoolTemp® Insulated Containers and Koolit® Refrigerants in a wide range of sizes, temperature ranges and durations.

KoolTemp GTS Evolution 1400L

Bringing high performance and flexibility to full pallet shipping, the GTS Evolution 1400L is a cost-effective alternative to active pallet shippers.

KoolTemp GTS Instant

Ready to activate and ship.  There’s no need to order, freeze and condition gel packs or worry whether gel packs are correctly conditioned or packed.


CCT Featured in “The Wall Street Journal”

Cold Chain Technologies is pleased to provide insight to “The Wall Street Journal” on the subject of temperature management logistics >>> http://on.wsj.com/1SbsBdx


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Cold Chain Technologies in collaboration with CoolPack.com today have released of an industry wide s...