TEMPERATURE CONTROL AND THE RDC 430/20: Science, best practices and latest tools in the field of passive packaging

Looking to upgrade your packaging to comply with RDC 430/20? Do you want to be updated on news, best practices and innovations in the area, an integral part of the temperature-controlled logistics chain?

Episode 1 – In this first episode we will:

  • Review fundamental concepts
  • Talk about the latest technologies and designs regarding packaging science for temperature-controlled transport
  • Comment on what the ISTA qualification methodology brings benefits to the pharmaceutical industry
  • Explain what factors should be considered during the qualifications of thermal boxes and thermal blankets
  • Explore the use of simulations to assess performance results and costs in advance, generating assertiveness for the Operation and Performance Qualification (QP) plan
  • Present a real case study made for Brazil, based on a user request

It will be an incredible immersion in more than 50 years of packaging science and engineering at the service of the pharmaceutical industry!

Presenter: Jeena Kulangara, Senior Thermal Engineer at Cold Chain Technologies

Moderator: Vanessa Alonso Burri, LatAm Director Sales and Business Development

Subtitles in Portuguese and English in real time and opportunity for questions and answers.

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