Cold Chain Technologies Enters European Market: Partners with Topa Verpakking

June 1, 2007

Holliston, Massachusetts: June 01, 2007 – Cold Chain Technologies, a leading source for engineering-based thermal packaging, is pleased to form a strategic partnership that significantly enhances its global manufacturing and distribution network. Cold Chain has formed an alliance with Topa Verpakking B.V. of The Netherlands, a major provider of cold chain solutions throughout all of Europe.

This alliance will result in the immediate introduction by Topa Verpakking of KoolTemp™ containers (EPS, PUR) and Koolit® refrigerants (bricks, gels, mats) in the European market. It completes another critical step towards our meeting the global temperature packaging solution needs of the pharmaceutical, biotech, and healthcare sectors. Topa Verpakking and Cold Chain Technologies recognize that these sectors require products manufactured to identical standards in both the North America and Europe.

Topa Verpakking and Cold Chain Technologies currently feature two of the leading cold chain laboratories in the world, Topa Institute and Cold Chain Laboratories. Working together, these labs will provide equivalent design and qualification testing on both sides of the Atlantic. By leveraging their resources, this partnership will spur continual new product development.

According to Larry Gordon, President of Cold Chain, “Topa has the vision and capabilities to satisfy the growing needs of the burgeoning European cold chain market. We couldn’t be more excited about this new alliance. Together, Topa’s and Cold Chain’s shared passion for excellence and combined abilities will be quickly recognized by global customers.”

“The synergy between Topa and Cold Chain Technologies means that this ground-breaking partnership is in complete harmony,” says Robert Willemse, Manager of Thermal Packaging and Special Projects, of Topa. “Thanks to our collaboration, we can exchange scientific knowledge and innovate in thermal packaging concepts. For our customers, this means that they can get client-specific, optimal, fully compliant insulated packaging that meets the applicable specifications, at any time and anywhere in the world. Reproducibility is the keyword for the USA, Europe and Asian markets.”

About Cold Chain Technologies

Cold Chain Technologies, headquartered near Boston, Massachusetts, globally provides shipping solutions for the distribution and transport of temperature-sensitive products, and is an ISO 9001:2000 registered company.

Cold Chain Laboratories, an affiliated company, designs innovative thermal packaging solutions and conducts thermal testing in its state-of-the-art environmental chambers. Four thousand thermal tests have been performed for a diverse customer base including pharmaceutical, biotech, healthcare, and medical device manufacturers.

About Topa Verpakking

Topa Verpakking (established in 1922) has been in the business of temperature controlled packaging systems and testing through the Topa Instituut since 1990, and sells in over 18 countries in the European Union. Topa Verpakking has sales of 50 million Euros total and nearly 100 employees.

Topa Instituut (established in 1982) is in the business of mechanical testing (vibration, shock, compression and climate). Since 1990 they have been validating, designing and testing thermal packaging solutions. Seven full time engineers are employed. It has performed over the 1,500 distribution test projects and more than 3,000 thermal tests for different industries. Topa Instituut is a full member of IAPRI.