CCT Launches Three Initiatives In Response to Resized Envirotainer RKN

March 4, 2009

Holliston, MA – March 4, 2009 – Cold Chain Technologies has launched three initiatives in response to Envirotainer’s plans to replace their existing RKN t2 with a new RKN t2 that has, among other changes, a smaller payload area.

1. CCT’s New Sized Qualified I-box Available May 1, 2009

Many of our customers have enhanced the performance of the existing RKN t2 with our KoolTemp ZX4500, also called the I-box. In this two-step solution, our Koolit-sleeved inner pallet container, the I-box, along with the RKN, has provided remarkably robust temperature control even in the most extreme climates. The original I-box will not fit in the new RKN due to the new RKN t2 smaller payload area. To resolve this constraint, Cold Chain Technologies is releasing a new sized I-box, the ZX4500/t2. By modifying the design, the ZX4500/t2 will feature a near identical payload area to the original ZX4500.
Qualification testing for the 4500/t2 inside the new RKN t2 is currently being performed.  The Qualification’s testing cycles will provide customers using the two-step process complete confidence in this updated 2°C-8°C solution.
The new ZX4500/t2 and its qualification report will be available starting May 1, 2009.

2. Requalification of the New RKN t2 to Your Specific Protocol

Both Cold Chain Laboratories in the USA, and our partner, Topa Institute in Europe, maintain more than a dozen thermal chambers capable of handling the RKN – in some cases, we can test multiple RKNs in one chamber. Please call your account representative should you require requalification for the new RKN t2.

3. GTS-5420 – An Excellent Alternative

For nearly a year, Cold Chain Technologies has been successfully providing pallet container users with our prequalified, passive KoolTemp GTS-5420. This innovative solution is capable of shipping full pallet loads (40″ x 48″ x 35″) at -20°C (frozen), 2°C-8°C (refrigerated) and at extended controlled room temperatures for 120 hours or more. Full operational qualification has been completed on most data sets and is readily available. In addition to our qualification data, we can test to your specific SOPs and performance qualification needs. We have a number of customers who have found the GTS-5420 an excellent alternative due to its lower cost, simplistic packout, large payload size, and passive energy reliability. With a proper inspection program and quality procedure, your GTS-5420 is additionally available for reuse and redeployment at significantly lower marginal costs. We are further able to assist customers in both the US and Europe with logistic collection, environmentally conscious reclamation, and JIT delivery.


CCT is a global provider of thermal packaging solutions and services, CCT has strategically located U.S. manufacturing plants in Massachusetts, Tennessee, and Nevada. Tactical partnerships expand CCT’s network of services, products, and distribution throughout North America and Europe. CCT’s entire product offering of shipping solutions is available domestically through Medical Specialties Distributors, LLC and includes custom and stock KoolTemp insulated containers, Koolit refrigerants, and temperature indicators and loggers. CCT’s team of experienced engineers is well positioned to support the entire spectrum of cold chain needs, from design and qualification testing to total project management.