B Medical Systems

Securing Your Medical Refrigeration Needs

B Medical Systems offers a wide range of medical-grade refrigerators, freezers, ultra-low freezers and transport boxes to safely store and transport your temperature-sensitive materials. Maintaining an unbroken cold chain is essential to preserve their integrity, stability, and shelf life. You can trust B Medical Systems to provide a reliable temperature-controlled storage environment for your laboratory, hospital, pharmacy, biorepository, blood bank, etc., while greening up your operations.

Durable Medical Carry

Vaccine Transport Boxes

For the Safe Transport of Vaccines or Medicines

  • 5 models
  • Vaccine storage capacity 0.6L to 20L
  • PQS certified

Medical Transport Boxes

Intended for the Safe Transport of Specimens

  • 4 models
  • 4 different temperature ranges
  • 24 unique configuration
  • Gross volume from 0.08 up to 1.55 cu ft