Laboratory Freezers Model FSeries

For the low-temperature storage of temperature-sensitive preparations, samples and pharmaceuticals.
  • 5 models
  • Volume from 4.27 up to 31.901 cu ft
  • SN/T Climate Class (SN for model F130)
  • From -41°C to -20°C (-32°C to -20°C for model F130)
  • Certified FDA Class I


Laboratory Freezers are medical-grade freezers designed to preserve the integrity of your valuable research and clinical samples. Its advanced cooling systems ensure temperature stability, uniformity, and fast recovery. Even during the defrosting cycles, our smart auto defrosts in the freezers ensure minimal temperature deviations.

Laboratory Freezers are devices intended for the low-temperature storage of temperature-sensitive preparations, samples and pharmaceuticals at temperatures ranging from – 41°C to -20°C.

All our Laboratory Freezers are equipped with a 24*7 real time monitoring solution and are certified FDA Class I.

Key Features

Accurate Temperature Control and 24/7 Monitoring

  • Controlled air cooling system for uniform and stable temperature distribution
  • Fast temperature recovery even in case of frequent door openings
  • Smart automatic defrosting technology enabling stable temperature during the defrost cycle
  • Automatic switch-off of the evaporator fans at each door opening to reduce heat transfer
  • Extended autonomy in case of power failure
  • Audio-visual alarm system with remote transmission via SMS or email
  • °B Connected universal software for remote monitoring, reporting (in compliance with FDA 21 CFR Part 11), and long-term archiving

Energy-Efficient andEco-Friendly Performance

  • High cooling efficiency through natural refrigerants in conformity with US SNAP and EU F-Gas regulations
  • Insulated inner doors, sealed gaskets, enhanced frame for minimized cold air loss and heat conduction
  • Frost prevention reducing pressure on the compressor
  • High-quality stainless steel cabinets with antibacterial coating and injected with thin polyurethane foam providing high thermal insulation and storage capacity

Ergonomic Design

  • 7” touchscreen with temperature display easily accessible in the door handle
  • Minimal ice formation allowing easy deicing
  • Password protected/NFC card based door locking mechanism
  • USB port and SD card slot for easy export of data
  • Set point of -41°C
  • Modular interior equipment
  • Easy access to the lower drawers
  • High-quality stainless steel and other materials for an extended life span







Gross Volume 4.27 15.927 21.118 26.38 31.907

Storage Capacity (cu ft)​

3.74 ​





External dimensions (HxWxD) ​

32.68 x 23.43 x 27.36 in​

78.27x 27.52 x 40.91 in​

78.27 x 33.27 x 40.91 in​

78.27 x 39.06 x 40.91 in​

78.27 x 44.84 x 40.91 in​

Internal dimensions (HxWxD)​

24.80 x 18.70 x 18.50 in​

45.95 x 17.60 x 28.07 in​

45.95 x 23.23 x 28.07​

45.95 x 29.13 x 28.07 in​

45.95 x 34.92 x 28.07 in​

Frequency & Supply voltage​

115V, 60Hz​

Energy Consumption​

3.1 kWh/24h​

4.9 kWh/24h​

5.2 kWh/24h​

5.3 kWh/24h​

7.6 kWh/24h​

Noise level​

47 dB​

50 dB​

47 dB​

48 dB​

48 dB​

Refrigerant Type​

Natural R290​

Natural R290​

Natural R290​

Natural R290​

Natural R290​

Hold Over time​

0.7 h (-32°C to -23°C)​

2.5 h (-41°C to -18°C)​

3.0 h (-41°C to -18°C)​

3.0 h (-41°C to -18°C)​

3.2 h (-41°C to -18°C)​

Heat emission​

111 Kcal/h​

176 Kcal/h​

186 Kcal/h​

190 Kcal/h​

272 Kcal/h​

Defrosting technique​


Automatic (hot gas)​



Stainless steel​

Stainless steel​

Stainless steel​

Stainless steel​

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