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Managing Cold Chain Requirements for Transportation and Storage of the Covid-19 Vaccines

Join us as we explore the complexity of thermal storage and transportation requirements for COVID-19 vaccines. In addition to clarifying the differences in temperature and handling requirements…


Use of Simulation to Model Solar Radiation in the Cold Chain Industry

The cold chain industry designs, develops, and manufactures shipping systems to maintain the required temperature of biologics and vaccines from the point of origin through the distribution chain to the final customer. These shipping systems protect the product…


Dupont Cargo Covers For Cold Chain Life Science Shipment Protection

In this webinar we will discuss the science and data behind Tyvek® Cargo Covers including heat transfer on the tarmac and the importance of reflectivity. Key features and vital advantages such as…


New Technology Trends And Their Effect On The Packaging Landscape

Paul Della Villa, Business Unit Manager for Reusable Solutions at Cold Chain Technologies, has over ten years of industry experience within the multiple areas of the pharmaceutical supply chain, focusing…


Cold Chain 101: Wading Through The Myriad Of Cold Chain Packaging Options

This session details the temperature-sensitive packaging landscape, highlighting the differences in packaging technology, industry guidance, and industry best practices for “First Mile” and…

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Choosing the Right Passive Thermal Packaging Solution

The expansive growth and regulation of temperature sensitive distribution has led to an overwhelming number of thermal packaging options available on the market today…

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Inside The Box: The Benefits Of Thermal Modeling For Cold Chain Shipping

The importance of testing a thermal solution prior to implementation is indisputable.Doing so ensures the packaging for your temperature-sensitive product can maintain the necessary temperatures to sustain the efficacy and safety of your drug product…


BioPharma Packaging Industry Survey Infographic

Cold Chain Technologies (CCT) and conducted a survey of over 100+ biopharma decision makers in a concerted effort to benchmark the best practice methods used by leading biopharmaceutical companies around the world.