GTS Evolution 1400L Durable

The Industry’s most Economical Trip Lease Option.

  • 96+ hours of extreme temperature protection
  • 2-8C and CRT temperature ranges
  • Accepts US palletized payload
  • No demurrage fees – delays won’t cost you
  • Flexible service offering – get only what you need
    • Conditioned Set-up – arrives ready to load and ship
    • Refurbishment
    • Reverse logistics
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Lower the cost-per-dose distributed and your environmental impact with the patent pending GTS Evolution 1400L DURABLE – the industry’s lightest reusable shipper in its class.  This robust shipper accommodates a pre-palletized (US size) load of temperature sensitive products, reducing the time you need to load your payload and the length of time the conditioned refrigerants are exposed to ambient temperature.

We offer flexible ownership options including purchase or trip lease. Conditioned
set-up services are available with trip lease: schedule your delivery and the system arrives conditioned, ready for loading and shipment.

Cold Chain Technologies can manage reverse logistics, refurbishment, conditioning, system assembly and deployment to your site.  We are flexible and will work with you to meet your unique needs. Contact us today for ownership and service options tailored just for you.

Bulk Shipping Made Easy


Full service trip lease option provides a fully-conditioned system ready to load and ship.  When your delivery is made we can manage reverse logistics and refurbishment of your unit with re-conditioning and preparation for your next shipment. 

Key Features


Durable shell weathers the extreme.


 Accepts US Pallet Load to 45" Height.

Koolit® Advanced PCM Cassettes

Light-weight, non-toxic, reusable refrigerants with extreme hot & cold  protection.


Industry's lightest reusable pallet shipper reduces your freight costs.

System Weight

GTS Evolution Durable 1400L: 662lbs
Leading Competitor X Reusable Pallet Shipper: 1095lbs
Leading Competitor Y Reusable Pallet Shipper: 1239lbs

57% Lighter

Demurrage Fees

GTS Evolution Durable 1400L: $0
Leading Competitor X Reusable Pallet Shipper: $250
Leading Competitor X Reusable Pallet Shipper: $772.50

100% Fewer Fees

Recommended Use


Air Freight

Perfect solution for International Air freight along major shipping lanes.


Land Freight

Ship via intracontinental trucking and reduce total cost with a trip lease option.



Part Number Payload Area (LxWxH) System Weight Outside Dimensions (LxWxH)
GTS-1400L5D-DUR 40″ x 48″ x 45″ 662 lbs 68″ x 58″ x 62.5″

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