KoolTemp Thermal Covers

Protection for short-term exposure to freezing and/or excessive heat

  • Multiple US and EU sizes available
  • 3 levels of insulation performance
  • Used for frozen, refrigerated, and room temperature applications

  1. Key Features

    The breathable Lite Thermal Cover is the most economical choice for thermal protection during brief exposure to ambient conditions outside of your desired product temperature range.


    The Standard Thermal Cover hits the right balance between cost and performance particularly in single use applications where return of the cover is not feasible.  Utilizing a nine layer composition interweaving pure aluminum, polyethylene, and air bubble foil, this cover provides class leading performance.


    The Extreme Thermal Cover offers the highest level of protection by utilizing a high-quality composite including a thick polypropylene core for maximum insulation.  This cover provides hours of protection for temperature sensitive goods that experience extreme ambient conditions at some point during staging or transit.  Heavy duty construction and durability make this cover perfect for reuse applications.

    • Aluminum multi-layer foil
    • Available in Standard and Extreme
    • Velcro closures
    • Easy to handle
    • Waterproof
    • Class leading insulation
    • Single Use and Reusable options
  2. Recommended Use
    • Temperature barrier protection for short-term exposure to freezing and/or excessive heat on the airport tarmac or at other freight hand-offs


    US  Pallet Sizes

    48″x 40″ x 40″
    48″ x 40″ x 48″
    48″ x 40″ x 59″

    EU  Pallet Sizes

    48″x 32″ x 40″
    48″ x 32″ x 48″
    48″ x 32″ x 59″